The Biggest Loser
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The Biggest Loser

The Bigget Loser Advice and Tips

In order to lose weight you must be in a Calorie Deficit, Every diet you will ever see bases itself on the individual being in some form of a calorie deficit.

On average males require  2500 calories per day and women need 2000 calories per day. However depending on your goal this average will change for example,  if you are on a weight loss journey you may only consume 2000 per day as a male. Keeping to a regular calorific deficit should see a consistent drop in weight.

You will also need to consider your expenditure i.e exercise, as this will affect weight loss. Combining regular exercise and and a balanced diet (mintaining a calorie deficit) will help you to achieve your weight loss goals. Being sedentary will lead to slower results, and also wont benefit your health.

Essentially, in order to count calories and get into a calorie deficit we would advise to reduce your daily calorie intake by  150 calories per day per week.

Building a Meal

Here is an example of a 600 calorie meal:

65grams Carbs

40grams Protein

20grams Fat

In order to drop down your calories here are the calorific values per gram of macro:

1gram carbs= 4 cals

1gram protein = 4 cals

1gram fats = 9 cals

To track your calories you can use MyFitnessPal app or a device such as a fit bit.

Here are Forge Fitness Top 5 Tips to stay on track

  • Limit snacks to 1-2 per day – if you dont eat it, then thats extra calories dropped
  • Limit alcohol intake as it is often high calorie /low density
  • Unlimited beverages include black coffee, tea, sugar free cordial, BCAA.
  • Decrease plate size and portion size for easy calorie deficit
  • Avoid diet pills, diet coffee/teas and fad diets – the only thing you need is a balanced diet



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